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Chihuahua Puppy Pictures

Enjoy some adorable Chihuahua puppy pictures from our litter born to Freddy and Josie on June 17, 2011.

Family Bath Time

Father FreddyChihuahua Bath Time - Freddy Mother JosieChihuahua Bath Time - Josie
Spotty ButtChihuahua Puppy Pictures - Spotty Butt Bath Time CloverChihuahua Puppy Pictures - Bath Time with Clover Polka DotChihuahua Puppy Pictures - Bath Time with Polka Dot
SunnyChihuahua Puppy Pictures - Sunny - Bath Time TrinityChihuahua Puppy Pictures - Trinity - Bath Time

Outdoor Play Time

Chihuahua Puppy TransportationChihuahua Puppy Pictures - Outdoor Playtime First Time in the Sun - 7/10/11 - 4 weeks oldChihuahua Puppies Playtime Outside
Chihuahua Puppies Playing Outside Chihuahua Puppy Pictures - Outside
Chihuahua Puppy Pictures - Outdoor Playtime Trinity making a little noiseChihuahua Puppy Trinity - Outside
Spotty Butt soaking up the sunChihuahua Puppy Pictures - Spotty Butt Outside  Sunny taking a breakChihuahua Puppy Pictures - Sunny Outside
Sunny ready to play some moreChihuahua Puppy Pictures - Sunny playing outside  Trinity on the moveChihuahua Puppy Playtime - Trinity
Trinity finds something interestingChihuahua Puppy Pictures - Trinity Outside  Having a great timePictures of Chihuahua Puppies Outside
Polka Dot making some groundChihuahua Puppy Pictures - 4 weeks old  Polka Dot loves the grassChihuahua Puppy Pictures - Polka Dot Outside
Pictures of Chihuahua Puppies Outdoors  What? We have to go back in the house now?!Chihuahua Puppy Pictures - Going back in the house

Grandpa Jim Time

Chihuahua Puppy Pictures - Grandpa Jim Chihuahua Puppy Pictures - Grandpa Jim
Chihuahua Puppy Pictures - Visit from Grandpa Jim Freddy gets some "dad" timeChihuahua Freddy on the boat with Daddy on the boat

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